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  • Cindy Cadry

    Luck, WI

    Graphic, Painting, Poetry, Non-computer Illustration, Logo Design

  • Loretta Cantieri

    Moorhead, MN


  • Timothy Cassidy

    New York Mills, Minnesota

    Visual, Sculpture,

  • Nikki Caulfield

    Detroit Lakes, MN

    General Theatre, Fashion, Playwriting

  • Donna Chalimonczyk

    Moorhead, MN

    Visual, Watercolorist

  • Charles Christianson

    Fergus Falls, MN

    visual artist, sculpture

  • Ann Clayton

    Farwell, MN

    Artisan, Beadwork, Fiber, Glass, Metal,

  • Millie Conard

    Alexandria, MN

    Visual, Painting,

  • Jamie Cooper

    Fergus Falls, MN

    Band, Contemporary Music, Ethnic Music, Popular/Rock, Solo/Recital, Graphic, Computer Arts, Graphic Design, Paper, Audio, Film, Photography, Video, Nonfiction, Poetry, Percussion Instrument Maker, String Instrument Maker






  • Kathryn Hagstrom

    Fergus Falls, MN

    Artist Residencies for Schools, preferrably 6th Grade. I prefer to stay in the Fergus Falls Area for Artist Residencies. Visual, Graphic, Visual, Painting, Design, Artisan, Visual Arts, Painting, Drawing, Graphite, Acrylic, Assemblage Collages

  • Linda Haibara

    Perham, MN

    Design, Architecture, Outdoor Artistic Design

  • Eileen Hanson

    Rochert, MN

    Visual, Painting, Sculpture, Media, Photography,

  • Dean Hanson

    Starbuck, MN


  • The Heart O' Lakes Harmony

    Battle Lake, MN


  • Dan Helberg

    Cyrus, MN

    visual, sculpture

  • Ann C. Hermes

    Alexandria, MN

    Theatre Administration, Fundraising, General Theatre, Musical Theatre, Audio production, Audio Theatre, Nonfiction, Playwriting, Editing

  • Annette Hochstein

    Battle Lake, MN

    Sculpture, Glass

  • Mary Homan

    Miltona, MN

    Painting, Paper, Photography, book arts, watercolor,photo(film and digital)

  • Dave Hull

    Minneapolis, MN

    Ethnic Music, Audio


  • Marta Johnson

    Starbuck, MN

    Dance, Ballet, Music, Theatre, Choreographer, Photography, Fiber Arts


  • Kelsey Kaasa

    Fergus Falls, MN

    Media, Audio,

  • Erin K Kelly

    Fergus Falls, MN

    visual, design, artisan, literary

  • Romayne Kilde

    Fergus Falls, Minnesota

    Digital Storytelling, Literary, Poetry,

  • Athena Kildegaard

    Morris, MN


  • Joann Knapp

    Detroit Lakes, MN

    Visual, artisan, sculpture

  • Steve Knutson

    Fargo, ND

    Visual, Painting,

  • Adele Koskela

    Borup, MN


  • M. Koskela

    Dilworth, MN

    Acrylic Painting, Graphite, Pen/Ink, Watercolor Pencils, Digital Art

  • Sonja Kosler

    Dent, MN

    Fiber, Paper, Photography, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Storyteller

  • Richard Kratzke

    Vergas, MN

    Theatre, Media, Audio, Film, Video, Literary, Nonfiction, Playwriting,

  • Dennis Krull

    Moorhead, MN

    Visual, Graphic, Computer Arts, Design, Graphic Design, Media, Photography, Illustration

  • kristi kuder

    Battle Lake, MN

    Sculpture, Digital Illustration, Graphic Design, Fiber, Metal, Photography







  • Vicky Radel

    Norcross, MN

    Visual, Painting, Photography

  • Christopher Ray

    Barrett, MN

    theatre, visual & media artist

  • Bree Reetz

    Moorhead, Minnesota

    Visual, Computer Arts, Design, Graphic Design, Illustration

  • Laird Rice

    Fergus Falls, MN

    Visual, Sculpture, Artistic Furniture Design and Wood Artisan, Reclaimed Lumber Artisan, Crosses, Woodwork

  • Bonita Roberts

    Battle Lake, MN

    Visual, Painting, Visual, Painting,

  • pamela robinson

    new york mills, mn

    Visual, Painting, Sculpture,

  • Dusty Rollins

    Alexandria, MN

    visual artist

  • Christine Rooney

    Hancock, MN


  • Marcella Rose

    Pelican Rapids, MN

    Painting, Sculpture






  • Star Wallowing Bull

    Moorhead, MN

    Visual, Folk Art, Native American Folk Art,

  • Deb Wallwork

    Fergus Falls, MN

    Media, Film, Photography, Audio, Video, Old Time Fiddle

  • Michael Weatherly

    Elbow Lake, MN

    Visual, Visual,

  • Isaiah Weber

    Fergus Falls, MN

    visual, sculpture

  • Brad Wegscheid

    Wadena, MN

    Ceramic sculpture Ceramic Tile Woodworking Illustration Graphic Design Sculpture

  • Mary Jo Wentz

    Battle Lake, MN

    Visual, Painting, Design, Fashion, Artisan, Fiber, Paper, Media, Photography,

  • Jan Werkau

    Fergus Falls, MN

    Artisan, Glass, Leather, Metal, Media, Photography, Handcrafted leather and fiber jewelry, metal clay, chain and chainmaille, beaded jewelry and accessories, culinary arts

  • Nikki Werner

    Alexandria, MN

    letterpress printing, papermaking, and bookbinding/repair

  • Susanne Williams

    Moorhead, MN

    Fiber, Leather

  • Kenyon Williams

    Moorhead, MN

    Music, Percussion: Orchestral, Solo/Recital, Chamber, World (Trinidadian Steelpan, Indonesian Gamelan, Afro-Cuban Salsa, West African drumming and Dance, Middle Eastern Frame Drumming)

  • Ron Williams

    Moorhead, MN

    Artisan, Wood, Woodturning

  • Kirk Williams

    Fergus Falls, Minnesota

    Visual, Graphic, Painting, Sculpture,

  • Mary Williams

    Clitherall, Mn

    Visual, Sculpture,

  • Emily Williams-Wheeler

    Fargo, North Dakota

    Visual, Painting,

  • David Wintersteen

    Moorhead, MN